Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bells for the Belle!

Subtitled: From Nascar to Nasturtium

Sub-Subtitled: In which Margaret makes a multitude of excuses…

Okay, first of all my oven’s broken and has been for several weeks now. Do you remember my shiny new gas range? Sigh. We ran the self-cleaning feature and it just went poof.

Fortunately—most fortunately—the stove still works.

But as for, oh, baking cupcakes and whatnot…?

Not an option.

Cupcakes for Cupcake! I

I had to buy these guys at the store.

Bells for the Belle! II

And scrape the screaming NASCAR frosting off.

Second excuse: I left my good camera at the church on the last day of Vacation Bible School.

Yes, that’s right. You heard me correctly.

Left my Nikon D80 in the pew.

Abandoned, as it were.

Up for grabs.

I remembered this fact on the way down to Rochester for yet another baseball tournament—remembered with a gasp as I shamefully admitted what I’d done. My husband didn’t say much in response to my gaffe, though I noticed his knuckles whiten slightly on the wheel.

Enter Michael Z. to the rescue. He’s a guy who lives by the church and who takes my holy hour when I can’t make it. So the conversation went something like this: “Hi, Mike? It’s Margaret. Fine, thanks! Um…I left my camera in the church. Yes. In the front by the statue of Mary. You will? Hey, thanks! Also, could you do my holy hour from 4:00 to 5:00 on Sunday morning because we’re headed down to Rochester...”

Bells for the Belle! III

Enfin. Here are the new & improved cupcakes, dear Charlotte—better than the NASCAR version but still, not as splendidly photographed as I would have liked.


No, I did not mean to evoke a nuptial theme.

Those are “bells for a belle”—your sweet Southern belle.

Bells for the Belle! V

Do I get an extra point for trying?

I love ya, Charlotte, and I love that sweet baby girl already. I do not wish to win this contest—could not possibly beat those adorable baby rattles, the yummy little watermelons, the baby birds (oh, those sweet baby birds!), the cutest owls ever, the most darling chicks, the most endearing little binky faces, a nilla vanilla baby buggy, and those stunningly beautiful cupcake-themed treats.

Couldn’t possibly.

Wouldn’t want to.

My presence here, rather, is an act of humility love. I hope you’ve enjoyed your baby shower! We cannot wait to meet her.


PS. Oh, and did I mention I had oral surgery this week?...


Jessica said...

What an amazing transformation! I love them!!

And I want to know how you got that pink frosting looking so perfect... I just can't figure out how to do that.

I hope you have your oven back soon... I spent last summer without an oven (well, without a whole kitchen) and it was tough! At least it's summer!

Thank you so much for joining the fun. I know how busy you are! :)

Margaret in Minnesota said...

The frosting came in a can, Jessica--highly recommended! :)

Kelly said...

I give you an A++ for effort! :)

I hope you're recovering well from your surgery.